Book the trip – get the points!

I had to book a trip recently for my friends and I to a Southern destination for a few nights of drinks and a couple days of golf.

First, I want to say that I could have used my Avios to fly by myself but I chose to go with my friends and fly the same flights and pay for the hotels and car rental.

They wanted it that way – “just pay cash” even they aren’t convinced of all the benefits of this hobby!

So, that is my point. If you do all the booking, how can you get “points” from this to make it worth your while.

Well, no matter what use the Amex Gold Rewards Card – it is double MR points on all travel bookings.

Since many bloggers value MR points at 2 cents each, that is 4 cents per dollar spent.

That is great.

Expedia has a program where you collect points when you book through them as well – I did that.

I booked our flights and car rental through them to get “double points”

Basically when you get 3500 Expedia points it is worth a $25 travel voucher.

So, about 0.7 cents each.

There are a whole bunch of promos on their site, but I will leave it at that.

On the car rentals, you can get points as well through Aeroplan, etc and if you collect airline points you will still collect those as well – in this case Delta points.

I’ll just do the math here.

Spent about $1750 CDN on flights/car rental (3 people)

Got double Expedia points 1750 x 2 = 3500 Expedia points = $25 travel voucher.

Used Gold Rewards Amex – 1750 x 2 (travel expenditure) = 3500 MR points = about $70 in travel.

So, my share of the cost is 1750/3  = $583.00.

But because I booked it I am almost getting $100 in travel back.

It really is worth looking into – Book the trip – get the points.

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