What exactly is a “free” vacation?

I had a friend ask me on the weekend if all our vacations are “free.”

Well, yes and no.

We have a separate page showing you how to get “free flights” and a “free week in Florida”

Both of these pages are factual and for flights you usually pay the taxes ($13 or so) and for hotels they usually are free!

Yes, it’s a credit card sign up or two, but we are talking about free vacations, not $40 in free groceries.

See our Amex page on those cards.

The way I usually do it is make some of the vacation free and pay for some of it so as to keep my points for when I can use them more efficiently.

Example – next month for March break we are flying to Florida and staying in a condo for a week and then a hotel for 2 extra days.

By collecting hotel points that gets us an extra 2 days in Florida right off the hop worth $200 x 2 = $400.00

By collecting “Avios” that pays for our round trip flights worth $400 x 4 flights = $1600.00 (72,000 Avios or MR points)

We rent a condo when we are down there which can usually run about $2000 or so.

I have a choice there – I can use my Amex MR points to pay for that rental – but that would be 200,000 Amex points.

That would be a poor use of my points – you should try to convert those points to airline points where you get better value out of the points – but the option is there. We choose to pay cash for the condo (actually Amex Gold which gives you double points on travel so 4000 more Amex points. Remember a flight is 18,000 points so that is great)

So, in the end this vacation costs us $2000 + 4 free flights + 2 extra days in Florida free.

I have used a simple strategy for a few years by banking Amex points and referring a friend to their card. That’s it. That gets you free vacations.

It is a process and takes awhile, but it can be done – easily.

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