With CDN $ falling hotel credit cards are becoming more valuable.

I was looking at a couple great sites for booking hotels that give you alot of solid information on what hotels are in what city and how much they would cost you using cash or points.

Award Mapper is one – check it out.

Hotel Hustle is better – check that one out!

That one is from The Wandering Aramean website -Seth Miller – the guy is a genius, I’ll leave it at that.

The point I am trying to make is using hotel points can save you money, and more so now as our dollar continues to fall against the US dollar.

As a write this it is 1.28 CDN to buy a US 1.00.

It has been going lower for awhile now and using “points” for flights and hotels are saving you money rather than paying for the flight/room with cash.

Quick example for you.

1 night at a Detroit hotel near the airport – flying out early Sunday morning March 8.


That Four Points by Sheraton (1st one listed) room is $120 US or $153 Cdn if I booked it right now.

If I booked it a few months ago it probably would have been about $140 Cdn.

Either way, you see it is costing more with the falling dollar.

If you have Hotel “points” in this case Starwood Preferred Guest you don’t have to pay for the room at all – just use 3000 points. AT 4 CPP (cents per point) that is GREAT value for you points. But it is 5 CPP for Canadians!

The easiest way to get started on hotel points is to get one of their credit cards.

If you are spending on that card you are getting a 5% return on your spending at these hotels!

It makes sense – with the Starwood Amex you get 21,000 points after spending $1000 on it.

Doing some simple math, that is 7 nights at that example hotel worth $153 CDN times 7 = $1071 in hotel stays – for an annual fee of $120.

Now, many people don’t like annual fee credit cards, which really makes no sense to me when you see the value you receive.

There are other hotel credit cards like the Marriott Visa, IHG Mastercard and so on – we have written about these a few times – check out the posts and decide for yourself if a hotel branded credit card is for you.

See our Amex page for more on that card!

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