Question – from here to Rome

My co-workers are always asking about how to get here and there for free and since I really just fly US and Canada for free I enjoy looking up the options available.

I did a post this time last year on going to Europe and the taxes involved so I first checked that post.

That question was on flying to France from here and the answer ended up being using BA Avios out of Toronto which used 49,000 Avios and $405 in taxes.

That option was significantly better than the other 3 options (see post)

Now we are talking Rome, Italy – in the SUMMER

I have found a site I go to that can instantly tell me points needed for the airlines, so I check that first.

American comes up first as being the cheapest but upon further research it is not in the summer when she wants to go.

Since I deal with Avios and Aeroplan the most and those are high on the list I go to their sites to check prices.

BA Avios

Detroit – Rome – found 1 combo for 70,000 Avios  + $433 but very hard to find (flying American and US Air) It should be about 60,000 Avios but good luck finding!

Toronto – Rome – 55,000 + $590 (on British Airways)


Detroit – Rome  – 60,000 Aeroplan + $480 – $550 depending on Airline you pick

Toronto – Rome – 60,000 Aeroplan + $400 – $900 depending on Airline again.

It is very interesting looking this information up as you see the differences in taxes flying with different airlines.

So then I am thinking about American Air again and I try some summer dates.

Turns out AA is

Detroit – Rome – 60,000 + $491

Toronto – Rome – 60,000 + $389

But…if you don’t go in summer or mid May – mid Oct – it is 40,000 points + $595 from Toronto or more in taxes from Detroit ($843).

Like this picture says below, you can get the flights for 20,000 each way from Oct 15 – May 15 and if you can avoid the BA fuel surcharges it would save you money as well.


Her points are Amex MR points – she can transfer to Avios and Aeroplan at a 1:1 ratio.

She can’t transfer to AA at a 1:1 ratio (it’s worse) and you have to go through SPG points which I won’t get into.

So…conclusion? I’d probably say Toronto – Rome using 60,000 Aeroplan at a cost of about $400 minimum.

Second choice would be Toronto – Rome using Avios at a cost of 55,000 Avios and $590.

Again, these taxes will vary so look closely and be patient.

Here is the Amex that gets you 25,000 points rights away and no fee first year!

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