Go Somewhere in January – cheap or FREE

You can always go somewhere in January if you ended up sticking around the house for the Christmas season. If there are only 2 of you, it becomes very easy! When you start adding kids to the mix, then it starts to become tricky and more costly.

We go over this on our “Try This Once” page.

I am going to post cheap fares out of Detroit and “free” fares out of Detroit for weekends in January.

You need to know that your flights can still be free when you have “points” through 1 – yes just 1 credit card sign up bonus. The Amex Gold Rewards Card.

Ok, cheap fares out of Detroit. These are round trip prices

Thur Jan. 8 – Sun Jan 11 – Houston -$169, Dallas – $182, NYC – $205, Tampa – $182, Denver $136

Next Weekends after that – pretty much same prices. Now there are always deals/coupons etc so keep an eye out! But for $200 or less those are some nice destinations for sure.

I found those quickly on Google Flights, so Southwest isn’t in there and they have great deals too!

I myself collect points. Avios to be precise. I like flying my family for free places.

The reason I mentioned the Amex card is if you get the card, refer your partner, then you will have a $350 travel credit (25,000 + 10,000 points) and your partner will have a $250 credit (25,000 points)

There. any of the above flights are free with your Amex bonus upon sign up and spending $500 on it.

That is one way to “fly free”

The second way is finding reward flights or using up your Avios “points” We have a page devoted to collecting Avios and a page devoted to booking free flights so the info. is already there.

Ok Reward Flights out of Detroit. These are also round trip point amounts.


When you get the Amex card you can transfer your points 1:1 to Avios, AND combine points with your partner in a family account. So, if it is just you – you would have 25,000 Avios. If it is you and a partner you would have 60,000 Avios in a family account if you referred them.

I will put these up if there is plenty of availability.

Thur Jan. 8 – Sunday(or Monday) Jan 11 – Charlotte 9000 Avios/ Miami 20,000 Avios/ Dallas 15,000 Avios/ NYC – 9000 Avios

Thur Jan 15 – Sunday(Monday) Jan 18 – Charlotte 9000 Avios/ no Miami/ Dallas 15,000 Avios/ NYC – 9000 Avios.

Thur Jan 22 – Sunday(Monday) Jan 25 – Charlotte 9000 Avios/no Miami/ Dallas 15,000 Avios/ NYC – 9000 Avios.

Thur Jan 29 – Sunday(Monday) Feb 1 – Charlotte 9000 Avios/no Miami/ Dallas 15,000 Avios/ NYC – 9000 Avios.

So, there you have it. Cheap flight. Free Flights. Weekends in January.

This is the card.

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