Banking Hotel Nights

I have done a few posts on this over the months and believe it to be good advice for those of you looking to book hotels next year. It can just be for a weekend getaway or if you plan on staying in hotels for travel sports with the family, or any reason really.

It works really well when you AND a spouse/partner travel together and can maximize the free nights.

I can say from personal experience that we haven’t paid for a hotel room in a few years and have stayed in quite a few lately. It takes time to get these nights, but at the same time it is not like you are going somewhere every weekend like some of those bloggers.

Like I said, you can double dip on certain credit cards which makes it even more attractive to do this.

There are no fee cards, fee waived first year cards, and some cards carry about a $120 fee.

I’ll talk about 4 of those.

1. Marriott Rewards Visa. – read the link. Just a great card. This is what the “pro” bloggers call a no-brainer. Get it and if you have a spouse/partner they should get it too. Between the two of you there could be up to 14 free nights in a hotel. Not “high end” hotels, but ones that would go for over $100 a night. There are definitely high end Marriotts but our post is on the “average” ones. No fee first year seals the deal.

This card itself may be enough for many families for a year. I really can’t think of a better card to get right now for what they give you.  In that post you are getting $2000 in free hotel rooms in Florida – and that is just 1 card!

2. Amex Starwood Preferred Guest Card – This one will cost you $120 per year and you will get 20,000 Starpoints.  Starwood points are worth the most in the “points world” ranging from a low of .02 to a high of .05 per point depending on how you use them. Good thing about this is you can refer your partner and receive an extra 10,000 point bonus. You receive points after spending $500 on the card. Between you and your partner that would be 51,000 Starpoints. This can get you almost 17 nights (3000 points per night weekends) in many of their hotels. You can combine points for a family account as well. These hotels are 4 Points, Sheratons and Aloft hotels to name a few.

Pretty good value for $240 total. You can also transfer those points to airline points. Another benefit would be stay 4 nights in a row, get 5th free – but that is is class 3 hotels (7000/night) or better.

3. IHG (Holiday Inn) Mastercard. This one will cost you $120 and you will get 60,000 IHG points.

Holiday Inn properties generally go for 15,000 – 30,000 points per night (and higher) depending on location, quality, etc. They are valued at .07 cents each, so $420 worth of hotel stays for $120.

4. Best Western MBNA Mastercard. This one is free but it will only get you 20,000 BW points right now.

This offer isn’t great but they usually up the bonus once a year so we are hoping that is soon.

Their hotels start at 12,000 points so that bonus only gets you 1 night right now, but it is free.

So there are a few. Best bet is the Marriott Visa.

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