Have you tried Airfarewatchdog?

With the Christmas season upon us I have noticed for a few months that flights around Christmas have been not going down in price, and “reward flights” have been very scarce.
This all makes sense – it is a very busy time for people wanting to visit family via airline and others just looking to get away for holidays.
I have followed Airfarewatchgdog for over a year now and find their app fun to use.

You just type in your “Departing from” information and it loads fares from your location AND locations near there. For me it is Detroit and it also loads fares from Grand Rapids, Flint, Lansing and Toledo.
It gives you “more details” when you want specifics on the particular flight as well.
It also sends me a “low fare alert” a few times a week either through email or on my phone.
I like that. My phone beeps and a message comes up “Today’s low fare alert DTW-TPA” or something like that.
The desktop version will tell you more at a glance which is very important as well.
You might need to be flexible with your days, but still a great app/site to use.
This site does include Southwest which is a bonus as Google Flights does not.
It also gives you options for hotels in your destination city and reviews of the particular flight you pick.
Yes you can get this stuff off Hotwire, Expedia etc, but this site compares them for you as well.
Anyway, it is just another travel tool I like to use and find it fun to search with!

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