Question – Detroit to Cozumel

I had 2 co-workers ask me this week about getting to Cozumel from our area using their Amex MR points.

The both had the sign up bonus of 25,000 points and referred their spouse for another 10,000 points.

So they had over 35,000 points and their spouses had over 25,000 points.

“Which airline should I transfer my points to” is a question I am asked many times a week.

It all depends where you are flying. I like BA Avios because the flights we take are short to medium haul flights within the US and you get the best bang for the buck using Avios. (See our Avios page)

But this is a one-time thing to try this “free flights” thing out.

I get it. Seems too good to be true. You know what? I paid my interest to the credit card companies and banks for about 20 years and still do with a mortgage but now I’m taking what they are giving me and not paying a dime in interest. You can too.

Back to Detroit to Cozumel.

Well, first thing I do is check this awesome website. This tells me how many award points are needed to travel from one location to another with each of the airlines. I love this site.

This picture comes up for my search.


I need to show the other half of the illustration so you can see points needed.


Sorry for doing it this way, I’m not that great with this sorta thing.

Point is, if you look at the top 4, it is 12,500 points for AA, 14,500 for BA, 17,500 points for US Airways and 17,500 points for Avianca.(one way)

Sorry, award notes for AA says “Excluding Hawaii/Mexico.”

I checked AA and it was 17,500 points per one way flight.

So then option 2. British Airways Avios. It says it is 14,500 points one way. I’m going to check that on

A couple things about that flight. The website picture I put up says the cheapest way is Detroit/Miami/Cozumel for 14,500 points. If you can’t find that there is Detroit/Dallas/Cozumel for 15,000 points + $31.

It offers way more options to go through Dallas so that would be the easiest way to do it.

The other options are through US Air and Avianca for 17,500 points, but 15,000 points using Avios is your best bet.

Now, the best part. With BA Avios you can pool your Avios in a family account and both my co-workers would have 35,000 + 25,000 = 60,000+ Avios. That is exactly what you need for this flight.

There are other things to consider when going on a trip like this. The first thing would be checking all-inclusive prices with our travel agent Karen (on holidays till next week) to see if you can get a great deal.

But if you want 2 free flights to Cozumel, there you go. The Amex Gold Rewards card for you, refer your partner to it, and after you both spend $500 on it – you have enough points for a free flight to Mexico ($31 in taxes).

See our page on Booking Free Flights on how to do it exactly.

Here is the Amex Card that gets you started.

goldcard ad

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