Need A Week in Florida about now?

We have done a page devoted on how you can get to Florida (fly/drive) and stay for free for about a week.


I have been researching this for a few years now and the closest I found before this was what a co-worker used to do.

What he would do is stay at resort timeshares, listen to their pitch and get a few days at their resort.

Do this twice on your trip and you have about a week in free accommodations.

Nice, but you still need to listen to their pitch and pay to get there.

This co-worker now asks me all the time about these credit card strategies.

Many of my co-workers have jumped on board this bandwagon and some just don’t believe it is this easy.

Many people don’t give their credit cards a second thought other than paying it off on time so you don’t pay interest. That has always been our point here. If you can do that, WHY AREN’T YOU TAKING THESE FREE HOTEL STAYS/FLIGHTS/ETC?

Many of my co-workers are good with their credit cards and have no idea what there is out there as far as traveling for free.

I “saw the light” about 3 years ago. I remember thinking “I’m spending alot on Christmas presents and booking hotels and flights, but I’m getting about $50 in free groceries for this. There must be a better way”

It’s hard leaving what you know. I know, I was there 3 years ago.

My first step was the Capital One Aspire Card. It had a $120 fee with it but gave me a $350 travel credit (it still does) I like those numbers. $350 – $120 = $230 in travel for free.

That got me looking into what else was out there.

Hotel credit cards with no fees first year like Best Western, Marriott, Choice Hotels, etc.

Hotel credit cards with fees like Amex Starwood, IHG, etc.

Well, if hotels are giving away free nights, are airlines giving away free flights?

Then I started looking into airline point systems, which is where I found BA Avios points is the best point system for the trips I take with my family.

It may not be for everyone though. In fact many Canadian bloggers prefer Aeroplan, and that works for them.

Then I looked into Amex and their referral program.

Amex has generous sign up bonuses, AND they have referral bonuses you can get when you refer a friend.

These bonuses add up quickly and if you have a partner you travel with and can refer, the points earned more than double.

We go into this on our Amex page so I’ll leave it at that.

The point of this post was “A free week in Florida” – click the link and read the page – it’s that easy.

You could still get a free week this Christmas season if you started the process now. That’s why I did this post today – there is still time to get those points before Christmas – my sister got the Marriott Visa card and a week later had her points.

Here is the Amex card that gets it all started.

goldcard ad

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