SPG Buy Bonus

Every blogger has been talking about this the last day or 2 and I remembered a post I did from June to help clarify this as a pretty good deal.

Here is that post.

The post itself was on the Amex SPG credit card, but the point values are what I want to talk about.

You can buy SPG points at a discount till the end of this year.

Why is buying 20,000 Starwood points for $525 U.S. a good deal???


So call it $590 or so Canadian funds.

Here is a list of class 2 hotels.

Here is a quick screen shot of that.


There are class 2 SPG hotels in major cities, and many Four Points available.

My post from June goes into point values at hotels I might frequent if I was needing an airport hotel or just a quick 2 night getaway – nothing fancy – just a place to sleep.

The point is that these hotels aren’t “high end” or anything but they are clean, near airports if needed, many times offer free breakfasts and many times have indoor pools and other perks.

Back to the math. You can buy these points for $590 CDN/20,000 points = 2.95 cents each or about 3 cents CDN.

Many bloggers will correctly tell you this isn’t worth it -maybe to top up your account – but that’s it.

But consider the way I’m suggesting you use them – airport hotels or just a quick weekend away in Toronto/Niagara Falls, etc.

With my previous post you can get 5 cents per point staying at these places.

When it’s all said and done, you could get $1000 in hotel stays for about $600. Not bad.


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