Rocketmiles 5000 miles birthday Bonus!!!

I have been posting alot about our travel agent lately and she has amazing deals but this bonus needs to be posted about!

I just got an email from Rocketmiles that it is their 2nd birthday and they are offering 5000 bonus miles with my next HOTEL booking!

I know some of you don’t know what 5000 “miles” is but this is significant!

As mentioned on our Avios page, 9000 miles gets you a round trip short haul flights for just the taxes (about $6-$12). This bonus is more than half that amount and you cold use those miles for a one-way flight!

Rockemiles has hotels in many cities you can book and the chances are good you will be able to use them on your next trip. Also, a few people have asked me if they charge more for a booking – a valid question – and I have found them to be BELOW the price offered by the hotel website itself and about the same price offered by Expedia and Trivago.

To put it another way, bloggers with more experience than I have valued certain “miles” like Aeroplan and Avios at 2 cents each, so this bonus is worth about $100 in travel money.

Think of it – with those miles you could book a one-way flight from Detroit to New York City – would you value that at or above $100? I certainly would.

I have done a few posts on Rocketmiles – here is one from early October – that will give you more information on them.


Make sure you book from a screen that offers you the bonus!

If using the iOS app – C9MBF8D7 – is the promo code on the home screen.

Here is the link to sign up through us – we would appreciate the referral!

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