Amex Gold Rewards Card Just Keeps Getting Better

I received an email today regarding a $50 travel credit for my Amex Gold Rewards Card, and it turns out it’s a legit. credit! My sister texted me and was wondering about it as well, so now we know.

We have talked extensively about this card and how great it is on our Amex Page.


1. No fee first year

2. 25,000 MR points after you spend $500 on it.

3. Double points at gas,grocery and travel purchases.

Most people ask me, “What is 25,000 MR points”


a) you can use it for a straight $250 travel credit which nicely beats $40 in free groceries somewhere else.

b) you can use it to transfer to certain airline partners – if you just spend $2000 on it which would give you at least 27,000 points that is 3 ROUND TRIP FLIGHTS from our area to places like NYC, Philadelphia, Washington,DC or Charlotte, NC – using AVIOS – see our Avios page on that.

Now they are offering the additional $50 travel credit on a single travel booking. Very nice.

You need to make the booking by Jan 31, 2015 and new applicants may or may not get the additional $50 credit. has been tweeting about it, so you know it’s a big thing for them.

You need to go to Amex Travel to book.

Here is the link to apply.

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