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Karen has a bunch of deals!

Are you looking to save money and not spend all of your savings?

How about $610 TOTAL??? 1 week in Cuba. Flights, hotel, food and drinks. January! GO!!!

These deals are 50% off or better.


Want to spend a little more and go for 4 star plus? She has you covered!

How about $900 total for a 4+ star in Puerto Plata or Cayo Largo?

Sooo many deals – call her or email her. 519-542-1009 or


Sunwing, Transat – she has you covered –  some deals are good until Monday, others until Thursday.

Here are the links for those deals.



Go South!

Black Friday Deals Friday morning!

Just got word from Karen – Black Friday all-inclusives will be posted Friday morning – stay tuned!!!

Dominican in January? Yes please!

Our superstar Karen is just deals,deals, deals. Contact her! or 519-542-1009. Remember she has been doing this since the 80’s!

On her “Weekly Save-a-thon” deal she has the VIK hotel in Punta Cana 7 nights for $699 plus taxes and other great deals. Really, if you want to get away after the busy Christmas season there are great deals to be found – just contact her!


You gotta hurry on this one!

Varadero, Cuba deals – right after New Years!

Every Tuesday Karen sends us some incredible deals and this is one of them.

For about $700 total you can fly,stay,eat and drink at a 3+ star in Varadero, Cuba right after New Years for a week!

I am just learning about all-inclusives thanks to her, but $100 a day for these deals is such a great price.

She offers many destinations and dates – give her a call at 519-542-1009 or email her at


You wanna go south? Give her a call you will not be disappointed – Big Rick has been going to her for about 20 years now.

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Are you kidding me? $235 plus taxes for a week???

Karen our travel agent just finds deals. Call her, email her, whatever. SHE WILL FIND YOU A DEAL!

519-542-1009 or

A week in Mexico at an all-inclusive for under $100 a day. Nice. $627 total for a 3+ star.

Dec 2nd and 9th departures. Go!

I was asked yesterday about Karen. I can tell you Big Rick has been going to her for about 20 years and she has been doing this for around 30? She is good.

Here is the promo.


SPG Buy Bonus

Every blogger has been talking about this the last day or 2 and I remembered a post I did from June to help clarify this as a pretty good deal.

Here is that post.

The post itself was on the Amex SPG credit card, but the point values are what I want to talk about.

You can buy SPG points at a discount till the end of this year.

Why is buying 20,000 Starwood points for $525 U.S. a good deal???


So call it $590 or so Canadian funds.

Here is a list of class 2 hotels.

Here is a quick screen shot of that.


There are class 2 SPG hotels in major cities, and many Four Points available.

My post from June goes into point values at hotels I might frequent if I was needing an airport hotel or just a quick 2 night getaway – nothing fancy – just a place to sleep.

The point is that these hotels aren’t “high end” or anything but they are clean, near airports if needed, many times offer free breakfasts and many times have indoor pools and other perks.

Back to the math. You can buy these points for $590 CDN/20,000 points = 2.95 cents each or about 3 cents CDN.

Many bloggers will correctly tell you this isn’t worth it -maybe to top up your account – but that’s it.

But consider the way I’m suggesting you use them – airport hotels or just a quick weekend away in Toronto/Niagara Falls, etc.

With my previous post you can get 5 cents per point staying at these places.

When it’s all said and done, you could get $1000 in hotel stays for about $600. Not bad.


Rocketmiles 5000 miles birthday Bonus!!!

I have been posting alot about our travel agent lately and she has amazing deals but this bonus needs to be posted about!

I just got an email from Rocketmiles that it is their 2nd birthday and they are offering 5000 bonus miles with my next HOTEL booking!

I know some of you don’t know what 5000 “miles” is but this is significant!

As mentioned on our Avios page, 9000 miles gets you a round trip short haul flights for just the taxes (about $6-$12). This bonus is more than half that amount and you cold use those miles for a one-way flight!

Rockemiles has hotels in many cities you can book and the chances are good you will be able to use them on your next trip. Also, a few people have asked me if they charge more for a booking – a valid question – and I have found them to be BELOW the price offered by the hotel website itself and about the same price offered by Expedia and Trivago.

To put it another way, bloggers with more experience than I have valued certain “miles” like Aeroplan and Avios at 2 cents each, so this bonus is worth about $100 in travel money.

Think of it – with those miles you could book a one-way flight from Detroit to New York City – would you value that at or above $100? I certainly would.

I have done a few posts on Rocketmiles – here is one from early October – that will give you more information on them.


Make sure you book from a screen that offers you the bonus!

If using the iOS app – C9MBF8D7 – is the promo code on the home screen.

Here is the link to sign up through us – we would appreciate the referral!

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Cuba in late Jan/Mid Feb! – 48 hour sale.

This is the time I wish I could go – when it’s freezing here!

Karen our travel agent forwarded me the “Transat Tuesday” deal of the week.

A 4 star all-inclusive resort in Cuba  – Blau Costa Verde Plus Beach Resort – for $789 + taxes – awesome!


Or Cayo Coco for $999 plus taxes – 4.5 star!

If these don’t work for you…email her.  Big Rick has been going to her for 20+ years and says she is the best in the Biz. or 519-542-1009


Puerto Plata 4 star – week for $763 All-IN

Karen sends me the best deals she can find.

This is at the Cofresi Palm Beach and Spa Resort.

Here is what she sent me.

Puerto Plata – Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort – 4 Stars – Hotel Room

Nov 27- 7 Nites – $339.00 + $424.00 tax – Base on Double Occupancy


Really? Just over $100 a day to fly, stay and play. Wow.

Christmas travel money.

I overheard a conversation yesterday that basically was going over the huge benefit of using a certain Canadian department store credit card to make Christmas purchases. They had a lot of spending coming up in the next month (over $5000) and were happy they were going to get about $100 back in “store credit.”

Maybe get a couple hockey sticks, maybe buy a tire, maybe a new helmet? The opportunities were endless with what that $100 could get you!

cdn tire

This just reminded me of my own situation – I am about to spend a bunch of money with Christmas coming up, but more for the certain expenses we have coming.

If you knew you had to spend $5000 in the next little while would you be OK with getting back about $100 in store credit? That’s 2% back which is actually pretty good!

We go on about Amex because of their generous sign-up bonuses when you get one of their cards – and how you can refer “a friend” for more bonus points.

“But I’m not spending $5000, I’m spending maybe $1000”

Ok, well that gets you $20 in store credit…or $250 in travel…or 2-3 round trip flights.

The point is this is the time of year when you probably use your credit card the most – maybe not – but for many, yes.

Why settle for some small store credit amount? I know the answer.

1) love your store credit card – it’s great getting little bonuses every now and then

2) hate Amex – they are the evil empire

3) meh. why am I even reading this?

It’s what I hear all the time – “I’ll just stick with what I know”

Up until a few years ago I was the same. Meh. free groceries. free hockey stuff every now and then.

Many of my co-workers have jumped on the “travel rewards” bandwagon and read the blogs, get the points, do the research. It’s worth it – it really is.

You need to be good with money. Without a doubt, this is very important. You need to pay of your balances before you pay interest. You need to know your balances. But, if you know you are good with your finances why wouldn’t you take these “generous” sign-up bonuses Amex offers.

Amex Gold Rewards Card. – no fee first year, spend $500(3 months), get 25,500 Amex points.

Amex Business Gold Rewards Card. – no fee first year, spend $5000(3 months), get 45,000 points – when referred.

You may not know what 70,000 Amex points gets you – remember no fee first year.

Well, if you just want travel money that is $700 in travel money.

So…spend about $5500, get $700 in travel money? You are getting about 13% of your money back.

If you put more thought into it and read up on Airline programs (see our pages on Avios and Aeroplan) and transfer those 70,000 points into Avios, you get substantially more value.

Did you know 72,000 points (spend a bit more or refer someone to get 10,000 points) will fly a family of 4 from Detroit to Tampa/Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale/Ft. Myers round trip?


So, what is that worth? I’d give it a value of about $1200-$1600.

These are truly great bonuses they offer, if you just have a little spending to do try the Gold Rewards Card and start racking up the points!

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You don’t need to go through our link, you can go straight to their site and sign up as well.

It starts with the Amex Gold Rewards Card. The Business card is the 3rd one down.

You can also see our Amex page for more.