Want a bunch of Avios? I do!

Patrick at Rewards Canada has just informed me via Twitter that the 50% bonus on RBC points to BA Avios is back for November and December.

This is where, if you have Aeroplan and want to get rid of them for Avios read this post.

How can you get a bunch of Avios?

Amex Gold Rewards Card – 25,500 MR convert to Avios – easy. (spend 500 in 3 months)

RBC Visa Infinite Avion – 15,000 RBC points – convert to 22,500 Avios next 2 months. ($120 fee)

Amex Aeroplan Gold Card – 26,500 Aeroplan converted about 1:1 to Avios next 2 months (read previous post – $120 fee spend 500 in 3 months)

Again, I have gone over this many times how far you can fly on Avios –  please be careful with credit and don’t pay those guys any interest!

But the bottom line is this…

74,500 Avios for 2 annual fees that equal $240.

What can those Avios get you? Well, check our page but…

72,000 gets 4 round trip flights to Florida from Detroit.

72,000 gets 8 round trip flights to NYC from Detroit.

75,000 (tiny bit more spending) gets 5 round trip flights to Florida from Cleveland.

“But wait” you say, “I need more Avios” (I say that all the time)

With the 2 Amex cards, refer someone (partner) to them -for each referral you pick up an extra 10,000 points which you can convert to Avios.

If you only need another 35,000 or so pick the Gold Rewards Card – no fee and easiest to convert to Avios.

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