Marriott Rewards Visa way better deal than I thought!

Oct 23 extra note – remember this value can be found at many Cat 2 hotels, I just picked this one because it’s in Florida and shows the value.

Ok, in a previous post about a month ago I went on about the Marriott Rewards Visa getting you about $1000 in free hotel stays.

When you sign up, after your first purchase you get 50,000 Marriott points plus a free night stay in some of their lower Cat hotels – which are fine by the way!

So that’s all fine and dandy you say but I’m sure he is wrong about the $1000 part.

Yes, I am wrong. I am researching a new page I’m doing to fly a family of 4 to Florida, stay a week in a hotel and not have to purchase meals in a restaurant. And free breakfast. For free.

Ya, sure it’s on credit cards. But 3 total credit cards. 2 for one person and 1 for the other.

Back to this Visa.

I was looking at Florida hotels and found this nice little Cat 2 (10,000 points/night – pay for 4 nights, get 5th free) in Boca Raton that has the usual pool, workout facility, free breakfast, full kitchen and is 5 minutes from the beach.

Not the perfect “Florida beach getaway” but pretty good.

Anyway, 7 nights would use up your 50,000 points – that part gets you 6 nights – plus your free night certificate – gets you the 7th night!

What would this cost you cash?

marriott 5

I checked and you can get that rate for 3 people – 4 would take a little negotiating but probably be fine with small kids.

So, it could cost you the total points from your credit card bonus plus 0 in taxes. Total cost 0.

Or…it could cost you $1857.03 US funds which equals over $2000 Canadian right now.

Seems I shortchanged this incredible Visa a month ago – rephrase – “only if you like $2000 in free hotel stays”


We here have nothing to gain by promoting this card – it is just such a great deal.

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