Booking hotels? -GET THE POINTS!!!

So I get all these promos in my Twitter feed about points for booking hotels and if you realized how little points it takes to fly free on a short haul flight you may consider reading this.

First off, it takes 9000 Avios to fly a round trip short haul flight up to 650 miles from the destination.

Our Avios page talks about this.

Right now, Accor Hotels are offering 5000 Aeroplan points per booking until the end of the year.

Book one night, get 5000 Aeroplan points.

As we have discussed you can swap Aeroplan for Avios at a rate of 1:1 during certain times of the year when the RBC bonus is on. This is the post on that.

It is our most popular page so some of you may be familiar with that post.

Now these hotels aren’t everywhere, but Toronto offers a few for readers that live in our area.

5000 Aeroplan when converted to Avios is more than half the points you need for that flight.

The second thing you can do is use Rockemiles for your hotel booking.

They are currently offering a 3000 point bonus on top of the 1000 points you will get for sure for using their app!

Here is the link to sign-up with them.

We get 1000 miles if you go through us and then you can refer friends.

So, that is an easy 5000 + 4000 = 9000 points to book a couple of hotels.

I like those promos, very generous.

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