Booking Reward flights – patience and flexibility!

In the last couple of days I have had people ask me about booking Avios flights.


You can go to our Avios page for an in-depth discussion of it but I find just going to and looking for your flights “Book Flights with Avios” can work faster.

In fact as I look at our Avios page I find myself more and more just going to to find what I need  – I will update our Avios page shortly based on this. DONE OCT 15, 2014

So the most common “complaint” is something like this. “I can’t find Detroit to Miami from Dec 26 to Jan 2, and if I do find anything it’s like 140,000 Avios for 2”

Well, a couple things first before I address that.

1. You can always just pay for an “award booking service” starting at about $75 a person they will find your flights or something close to that for you. Click this link for info. on that. I’ll leave it at that.

2. You need to be flexible with your booking and have patience.

In my sample “complaint” there are a few things I’d like to comment on.

1. You are looking only 2+ months out for HIGH DEMAND flights, (Christmas break) so there may be some but you should start looking for these flights well in advance.

2. Can you fly on slightly different dates? gives you that option with just a click of the mouse – you see all award availability on the screen – so be flexible!

3. Can you fly out of a different city? Can you fly back out of a different city?

I was looking for a friend today and found plenty of flights Detroit to Miami for when he was looking but nothing coming back. There were many flight coming back out of Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando.

Yes, if you are renting a car there will probably be a charge of about $100 from what I am seeing to return the car to a different airport. If your flights are free, is this a huge concern?

4. Look under the “Economy” availability for the least amount of Avios used – unless of course you want first class!


Ahhh, I love seeing this screen – direct flight, economy available.

So, be a little flexible with your plans and be patient when looking!

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