HUGE sign up Bonus for Amex Business Gold Rewards Card.

As reported by Patrick at Rewards Canada yesterday, American Express increased the sign up bonus for the Business Gold Rewards Card to 30,000 MR points – after you spend $5000 in the first 3 months.

Also as reported by him and agreed by me is the fact that you as a consumer should be able to get a Business card by just calling yourself a business on the application.

In a previous post we talked about how you could pay many of your regular bills with your Amex card and get up to about $750 a month on regular bills. That is great but you are still near $3000 short and can you pay those bills off on time?

That is always one of the main questions you should ask yourself. Can I pay this bill off on time without interest charges? If you can then these huge bonuses are for you. Really they are – take them when given if you are good with money.

Since we are within 3 months of Christmas, it would be prudent to perhaps use this card for buying presents, booking venues, anything involving Christmas really.

Also, as I suggested to some co-workers, if you have some higher expenses covered by insurance like dental, orthotics, drugs, etc use it there as well!

If you have a spouse/partner…well you be the judge there.

Yes, it is hard to find ways to spend $5000 in 3 months so you have to be wise about it, and always remember to pay those bills before the due date.

There is a 40,000 point bonus if you get referred by someone you know.

See our Amex page on what 40,000 MR points can get you, but a quick example is 2 flights from Detroit to Miami, or 4 flights from Detroit to New York City. (All flight using Avios  – see our Avios page on the great deals there!)

You can always just use it as a $400 travel credit, but I like the value of the free flights more.

Lastly, if you are thinking $5000 is way to hard, you can always get the Amex Gold Rewards card (non-business) where you get 25,000 MR points when you spend $500 in 3 months!

Either card is such a great deal right now.

Here is the LINK. Business card is third one down.

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