Book a hotel, get a free flight. Wow, Rocketmiles!

If you are thinking of booking a hotel somewhere, this is an amazing deal through Rocketmiles.

Basically you get miles in Aeroplan, Avios, etc for booking a hotel through their site.

The first thing I thought was “Probably a huge surcharge to use this service” WRONG!

I found this site very favourable for prices and cities to book. It won’t list every single hotel in every city, but it does give you a good choice of hotels.

I played with their app and other hotel apps like my IHG and Best Western app and found the price they offer was pretty much the same as what the hotel was offering and for the hotel in my city, Rocketmiles was cheaper!

So, why not get miles and flights when you book hotels?

I follow them on Twitter (by the way, follow us on Twitter!!!) and find many deals that won’t last get posted on Twitter like the one they currently have.

The one they posted today, Oct 3, at around noon was a bonus 5000 points on top of the minimum 1000 points you get for booking on their site – FOR 15 MINUTES!!!

You have to be on top of this stuff to catch these bonuses but what a deal.

I will retweet this deal when I see it, but timing is crucial.

What I did was look for a hotel – AHEAD OF TIME that I may need to book in the next little while and make sure Rockemiles had that one available at a fair price – which they did.

So, some of you reading this are saying, “OK, what is 6000 points worth?”

Well, we like BA Avios points to collect and we have a whole page devoted to this – see the page.

But, if you use these points for flights it is probably worth $120.00 at 2 cents per point.

A one-way flight to places like New York City, Washington,DC, Philadelphia and Chalotte,NC from our area (Sarnia, Ont.) is only 4500 points! Just for booking a hotel you are getting at least a one-way flight.

If you and a partner did this in the time period you are looking at 12,000 points or more than enough points for a round trip flight to those above destinations.

The hotel I have been looking at goes for about $120 a night.  So…book the hotel and get my money back in flights? Yep!

Anyway, great deal and you can go to their site to sign up.

Here is our referral link if you would like to use us.

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