referral money!!!

Ok the deal I mentioned in my last post is even better than I thought.

I talked about how, in a previous post, you could buy giftcards or anything for that matter at and if you registered your Amex card you would get a $50 credit on your bill when your spent $200 or more.

Well, my wife registered for the promo, got $200 in giftcards for $150 to spend on whatever she wants at and got the 16X Aeroplan bonus(used Amex AeroGold card) for a total of 3200 Aeroplan worth about $64 in travel if valued at 2 cents each.

That’s all great, but then they sent me an email because I referred her giving me a $25 referral credit to use at!

She is also using her money on Gap/Old Navy giftcards, so this is quite a deal when you add everything up.

Total spent between us $150 + $150 = $300.00

Total value of Gap/Old Navy giftcards $200 + $200 = $400.00

Total Aeroplan points earned (me) 2400 + 3200 (her) = 5600 worth about $100.00

Total referral credit earned = $25.00

So, in the end for $300 total spent we get $400 + $25 = $425 in giftcards and about $100 in travel (when used properly)

It’s not too late to do this, but it looks like it ends tomorrow so if you want to get these bonuses you need to get cracking!

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