Surveys = Aeroplan points

There are many survey sites out there that get you points for doing consumer surveys.

E-Miles, E-Rewards, the list goes on.

I like Asking Canadians. Just search them to find. I collect Aeroplan points by doing their surveys.

I’ll give a simple example of points earned for a survey that got emailed to me this morning.

It’s usually consumer surveys and once you do one, your information is set up with them so your points get posted automatically after the first one.
Today it was 75 Aeroplan points for 20 minutes of my time. The times are usually pretty accurate so I’ll go with that.

That translates into 9000 points for 40 hours of surveys. I’m not suggesting you make this your job, but if you enjoy surveys and want to get a free flight – here is a way.

You could probably realistically earn 300 points a week doing this – you don’t get a survey a day or anything, but sometimes you can get more than 1 a day.

So, after a year you would probably have over 15,000 Aeroplan or enough for one of their short-haul flights!

This is also a good way to keep your Aeroplan account active.

If you value Aeroplan points at 2 cents each this little part-time job would pay you $4.50/hr – in travel – not good by any means, but something to do with your spare time!

Again, I like the sign up bonus that Amex offers with the AeroPlan PlusGold card – 26,000 points for a $120 annual fee.

In that way you are buying Aeroplan points for about half a cent each when they are worth 2 cents each – nice!

1 flight anywhere in Canada or Continental USA for $120 is also another way to look at it.

See our Amex page for more!

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