Amex Aeroplan Card now has annual fee…

Well it was fun while it lasted – 30,000 free Aeroplan points and no sign-up fee first year.

Amex has changed the sign-up bonus to 26,000 Aeroplan points (when you spend $500 in 3 months) and now has an annual fee of $120.

While this is still a great deal when you do the math, the Amex Gold Rewards Card is still a sweet deal if you can get it.

Simply spend the $500 on it in 3 months and you get 25,000 Amex MR points – good for a free flight anywhere in Continental US or Canada. While this is good, I prefer to convert my points to Avios 1:1 and that will almost get you 3 short haul flights for free (you need 27,000 points – just spend $2000 on it to get to 27,000)

This is truly a great sign-up bonus and if you haven’t done it yet, pick up that card! A great deal and better than $40 in free groceries or free light bulbs at CDN Tire!

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