Using Points to TRAVEL FREE.

I have said use your points to travel and that is just what my family and I did this summer. 

We mostly used our Amex MR points, and we got 6 little trips out of it totaling 14 days. 

We have to use our points when we can travel and as teachers the summer is prime time to travel. 

Trip 1 – 3 nights camping at Rondeau Provincial Park – cost $150.00 

You can use your Amex MR points to offset travel costs – it is not the best use of them – you should probably convert them to airline points, but for this summer we splurged. 1000MR points = $10 in travel. 

Total points used 15,000 MR points 

Trip 2  – 3 nights at a “fancy” cabin at the KOA – cost $450 

Same idea as trip 1 – total points used 45,000 MR points 

Trip 3 – 3 nights hotel and flight to Atlantic City (my family went to a nice cottage in Muskoka) 

As reported in a previous post it is very cheap to fly to AC from Detroit in the summer and you should be able to find flights for about $100. 

My room was comped by my friends for this trip so that helped! 

My flight was $110 – total points used 11,000 MR points 

Trip 4 – 2 nights at a regular cabin at the KOA – cost $110 

Same idea as trip 1 – total points used 11,000 MR points 

Trip 5 – 1 night at the Best Western Birch run, MI 

I did a post on this trip a couple weeks back and it was a great deal. $90 for the room which included 2000 bonus Aeroplan points, free beer/wine from 5pm – 7pm and free breakfast for the 4 of us. 

Total cost $90 

Trip 6 – 2 nights at the Cambridge, Ont Best Western 

The total cost of this was $330 but I had a $100 Best Western coupon emailed to me which I found on Twitter a month or so ago. I believe I re-tweeted it on this site. You just had to give them your rewards number and email, but I understand not everyone got one. 

This got us 2 nights plus 4 tickets to African Lion Safari and free breakfast both mornings. 

Total points used 23,000 MR points 


So it was a productive summer travel wise and that is 14 days of staying in different types of accomodations. I will sum up. 

Total cash spent $90 

Total MR points used up 105,000 

Side note – we usually use our Best Western points for stays there but we used them all up on our 2 trips to Florida this year – 6 nights for free total. There hasn’t been a good sign up bonus for their Canadian Mastercard since last summer – 60,000 points. 

Between my wife and I that is 2 new credit cards each – we got them over the course of about 6 months – nothing crazy and quite lucrative. We actually ended up with 60,000 Amex MR points (25,000 + 25,000 + 10,000) through the Gold Rewards Card and me referring her.  Then we got the Amex AeroplanPlus Gold Card and had (30,000 + 30,000 + 10,000) = 70,000 Aeroplan points after I referred her to that. 

You can keep the 70,000 Aeroplan or convert them to giftcards or I convert them to Avios points. 

Yes, it’s not enough MR points but I already had some from before. 

See our pages on Amex about the no-fee credit cards you can get and our pages on Avios and Aeroplan to start to learn about those programs. 

Bottom line is we spent a total of $90 and vacationed for 14 nights. 

That is why this hobby is fun! 





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