Amex increases Air Miles Platinum Bonus! 1500 free Air Miles!

I am not a big collector of Air Miles, but they do have value.

I know many of the readers here don’t collect Amex MR points or Aeroplan but do collect Air Miles.

I got the news from Patrick at Rewards Canada and then I checked the Amex website.

Here is the link to apply for this card.

The first year fee of $65 is waived which is awesome as usual.

As soon as you charge $500 to the card you will be eligible for the 1500 Air Miles Bonus – prob. will take 1 billing cycle.

You can check the link for the other benefits – but all in all a very good bonus for free.

Will I get this? The offer expires Oct 31 so I have 2 months – but yes I will.

Why? Because it’s always good to have various “points” from different programs available.

This card is free, 1500 Air Miles can get me at least 1 flight, and I only have to spend $500.

The biggest thing to keep in mind as always is can you spend wisely and pay your debts on time?

If credit cards/charge cards have never been good for you, don’t get these cards plain and simple.

But…if you are good with managing your finances, these Amex cards offer incredible sign up bonuses – see our Amex page on that.


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