Moving on…

Well this whirlwind BA devaluation thing has been interesting and who knows how it will end, but it looks like a no-go for now. It’s a good wake-up call and like I read in a few blogs – if you got them – use them!

It’s important news anyway and we will keep you posted the best we can.

I updated our page on March break 2015 availability to Florida and the Avios flights are drying up for sure.

There may be more released but it’s hard to say when and unless you get a subscription to Expert flyer you need to check often on

If you have Avios points and are looking to use them to a Southern destination consider flying out of a different airport. Cleveland seems to have good availability and other smaller US cities around us sometimes do as well. It is nice to get that “free” flight but sometimes you need to drive an extra hour or two.

We have one more trip this summer and I will do a post on how much we traveled on how little money.

Bottom line is if you collect these different “points” through credit cards and such you can travel much more than usual at a better price.


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