Money Well Spent!

OK, the SHOP.CA 15x Aeroplan points bonus is back till the end of August.

This is a great deal on your first purchase and here is why.

You may be reading this and don’t collect Aeroplan or have an Aeroplan Amex card.

Getting both would take you a few minutes and you will get great value out of this idea.

Signing up for Aeroplan is easy – go to our Aeroplan page and find the link.

Getting the Aeroplan Plus Gold Amex card is also easy – here is the link.

Now we have been saying for many months – don’t get credit cards if you aren’t prudent paying off your bills – but if you are – this is a great referred sign up bonus of 30,000 Aeroplan points…FOR FREE FIRST YEAR!

If you apply for this card today or the next few days you would have it in time for the 15x purchase bonus.

Now the thing about Aeroplan in Canada is that most flights take 25,000 points and some short haul flight take 15,000 points plus huge taxes. This is well documented by other bloggers.

There is a way to convert your Aeroplan points to Avios points and we did a post on it awhile ago.

Why would you do that? Aeroplan is Canadian and Avios is…British?

To most, this makes no sense. The thing is Avios is with British Airways, but when you collect Avios you can fly American Airlines and US Air – now it makes more sense.

In fact, it makes great sense. 9000 Avios can fly you round trip from Detroit(our home airport) to New York City, Philadelphia, Washington,DC and Charlotte, NC to name a few.

Try that with Aeroplan. I can’t even find flights for 15,000 Aeroplan, so most likely you are spending 25,000 Aeroplan to fly to these places.

So then you wonder…25,000 Aeroplan or 9000 Avios? And you can swap them 1 for 1? YES.

Even at 15,000 Aeroplan or 9000 Avios the swap makes sense.

Bear in mind this swap takes time to do (say 2 months) and you need to be able to collect RBC points (no fee credit card) and Esso points (no fee)

So, back to our SHOP.CA example.

How about this question…How much do I need to spend at SHOP.CA to get 4 round trip flights from Detroit to New York City (36,000 Aeroplan) + about $20 in taxes total.

Well the answer will surprise you.

So you get the Amex card(you need to spend $500 on it to get the 30,000 bonus Aeroplan) and you register you card with the current promo where when you spend $200 at SHOP.CA you get a $50 credit. (I already got mine – on statement next day)

You need to spend $375 – $50 credit = $325 at SHOP.CA to get 4 round trip flights.

1. Get Amex card, after spending $500 you have 30,000 Aeroplan.

2. Spend $375 at and get 375 x 15 points = 5625 Aeroplan. Use your Aeroplan Amex and get another 375 points – total points on that transaction is 6000.

You now have 36,000 Aeroplan which you can convert to Avios 1:1 in the next RBC to Avios bonus period – likely at end of 2014. Again if this part about RBC confused you read the previous post on how to do this.

But it can be done! You just need to do a little research and read the posts.





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