Make your back to school shopping count!

Ok, I have talked about for awhile – they are new and want your business. As mentioned previously you can get 10x Aeroplan points on your first purchase there. I was told by one of their customer service reps you can get a giftcard and then use it to buy Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic giftcards. That is awesome – I also got a $50.00 credit to my Amex account when I purchased $200 worth of giftcards. Now, Aeroplan has a shopping portal you can use which gives you even more Aeroplan points when you shop there – it changes so watch for the good bonuses like 10x points!

Now I get an email from RBC rewards that I can earn up to 12x rewards when I shop through their portal (EMall) until August 31. The great thing about this is I convert all my RBC reward points to Avios at a 1.5x multiplier when they have that bonus period twice a year. So the Under Armour 10x bonus becomes a 15x bonus. The Sportcheck 8x bonus becomes a 12x bonus. The Walmart 5x bonus (and you probably shop there!) becomes a 7.5 bonus. And so on…just google RBC Rewards Emall. Of course you need to collect RBC rewards to do this.

This is what I have been trying to say in some previous posts. Everyday shopping can get you free flights, hotel rooms and so on. I did a post about a month ago where just getting gas can get you enough points for a free flight about once a year.

So, don’t be falling for a certain ad for a certain credit card that says “Get $25 in free groceries, No seriously get $25 for free”

There should be a 0 after the 25 because that’s what Amex offers.

It’s travel though so…is $25 in groceries worth more than $250 in travel?

Anyway, shop smart this coming back to school season and grab some points!!!

Avios flights start at 9000 Avios and can take you pretty far. Plus $5 in taxes – don’t forget the fiver.

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