Free Stuff at! really wants your business. They are offering many incentives to use their site and they are pretty good incentives.

The latest one that was emailed to me from Amex Canada – and anyone can use once they register their Amex card – is a $50 credit on any purchase $200 and over at

They are also currently offering 10x Aeroplan points on your first purchase there!

They sell many different categories of items, so have a look – some very good deals to be found!

For my situation, I have a bunch of people that like Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic giftcards – and guess what? has those!

So here is what I did.

I contacted them first to ask if I could purchase a giftcard and still get the 10x Aeroplan on my first purchase. I can. Then it was pointed out I could use that giftcard to buy the Gap/ON/BP giftcards. Sweet. Bonus after Bonus.

I tried another coupon bonus but it didn’t work on giftcards – but I am still happy with the final result.

So, I spent $200. 200 x 10 = 2000 Aeroplan. I will get $50 of that back.

As I have “Distinction” with Aeroplan and used my Amex Aeroplan card on the purchase I received another 200 x 2 = 400 Aeroplan points on the purchase.

End result?

Total spent after credit – $150.00

Total amount of giftcards I will receive – $200

Total amount of Aeroplan I will receive – 2400. Worth approx. $50 in travel if used properly.

So, I am up a free $50 Gap/ON/BR giftcard and about $50 worth of travel.

If you haven’t picked up the Amex Aeroplan GoldCard yet – it is a great way to pick up 30,000 Aeroplan after you spend $500 on it. That’s it, $500!

So, if you were just starting out you could pick up 30,000 Aeroplan for getting the card, plus another 2200 Aeroplan, plus $200 in Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic giftcards – all for $150 total spend.

Pretty nice bonus.

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