How do you get a whole bunch of Avios points for cheap? (In time to travel this winter)

In a previous post from a few months back, I went over a strategy that combined your RBC points and Aeroplan points into Avios. We like Avios here at our page because of all the redemption flights you can get for as little as 9000 Avios which is great.

See out Avios page on that.

Some people I talk to are still wary of the whole “credit card thing” – sure, if you aren’t comfortable with this are are not prudent paying off debts on time – don’t do this. But for more and more I chat with, this is working out well for them – and who knows how long Amex will be this generous.

I will go over the scenario for 1 person and add the 2 person (or couple) strategy after.

When the process is complete in say 6 months from now (Christmas travel season/March break) 1 person can end up with about 80,000 Avios for $120.

Avios are worth anywhere from 1 cent to 2 cents each depending on how you use them.

So…$800 – $1600 of travel for $120. Worst case is $800, some people can get $1600 or better.

2 of you? 180,000 Avios for $240.

So…$1800 – $3600 of travel for $240.

See why we do this?

1. Get the Amex Gold Rewards Card. no fee first year.

After you spend $500 on it, you will get 25,000 MR points which can be converted 1:1 to Avios.

2. Get the Amex Aeroplan Gold Card. no fee first year.

After you spend $500 on it, you will get 30,000 Aeroplan which eventually through a process (see previous post link top of page) will get you 30,000 Avios.

Some people have chosen to do this at the same time, which is fine. Some may say apply for all 3 cards the same day so as not to trigger too many credit pulls – it is up to you.

3. Get the RBC Visa Infinite Avion Card.

You will get 15,000 RBC points, which eventually can be converted to 22,500 Avios through the process mentioned at the top of the page. Annual fee on this one is $120.

You can get a no fee RBC card, but you need the RBC card to convert Aeroplan to Avios, and I don’t mind paying $120 for 22,500 Avios. To me I can get $450 in travel out of that.

So, after you do some spending on these cards, say $2000-$3000 total, you will have about 80,000 Avios.

Now, if you can “refer” a travel partner, they can get the same points, PLUS you will get an extra 10,000 MR points to refer them to the Amex Gold Rewards Card, then an extra 10,000 Aeroplan points to refer them to the Aeroplan GoldCard.

So, as mentioned earlier, 180,000 Avios for $240.

This is simply awesome. So if you are still reading this and wondering if it works – it does! (for Canadians – we need some credit card breaks)

Then you wonder – what the hell are 180,000 Avios?

Want to go to Florida Christmas and Spring Break? I do.

Detroit – Tampa is 18,000 Avios total round trip – to Miami it is 20,000 Avios.

What? So my “travel partner” and I just picked up 10 round trip flights from Detroit to Tampa…for $240?

You wish. It will cost you a whopping $5.00 in taxes per flight. 5 bucks. Seriously.


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