Can you still get an Amex bonus and use it before summer ends? YES!

Holy Smokes I just found Detroit – Atlantic City $91 return late August for 4 nights on Spirit.

Our posts from this month have included ways to travel on Amex MR points.

Here is the link to apply for that no-fee card.

This is a very simple procedure but I still get requests on how to accomplish this.

Basically, you apply for the card, get the card a week later, spend $500 on the card and qualify for the bonus (25,000 MR) – which gets posted immediately. Some other cards post the bonus points on a monthly basis, but this card posts your points right away – which can be used right away!

A second bonus of this card is that you can “refer a friend” and collect another 10,000 MR points.

If you “refer” your partner, you now have 35,000 MR points ($350 in travel) and your partner has 25,000 MR points ($250 in travel).

Rather than go into the different ways you can use those points – for this we will just say use the Amex Trip Flex option.

There is no fee on this card for the first year and you may cancel it after you use the points – some people in the field say keep it a minimum of 10 months and I would agree.

So, you may be at a point in your summer where a getaway sounds pretty good right about now – and this is a nice way to get one worth $600 if you have a partner willing to do this too.

I’ll keep it simple – the last 2 weeks of August are about when all the points would be in your account safely and it is also a very cheap time to fly places – out of Detroit for this post.

Detroit – Atlantic City – $128 late August – if you are in $9 club – Spirit COST $60 (worth it if you fly more than once on Spirit in a year or are paying for more than 1 flight) – you GET THAT FLIGHT FOR $91!!!

– Myrtle Beach $192 or $180 if in $9 club – last week of August (Spirit)

– Ft. Lauderdale $155 last week of August (Spirit)

– Dallas $180 last week of August (Spirit)

Point is, there is still time to get that card, get the MR points and take a well deserved break before school starts. If the whole school thing doesn’t affect you, take the free travel money.




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