Atlantic City Trip

Well, the first thing I should say is that I had a great time with two good friends and this is a destination that is good for both getaways and families.

I would take my wife and young children here anytime – I will say why later.

As mentioned in a previous post, the flight was about $110, hotel rooms comped as well as a Circue du Soleil show. We had to pay for food, drinks and whatever we gambled.

If you don’t know Atlantic City, a cool thing about it is that if you stay on the Boardwalk like many, you only need to get a cab to and from the airport – you can walk around and have a great time without renting a car.

We stayed on the far end of the Boardwalk in the “Showboat” Hotel which is closing down next month, I’m glad we got a chance to stay there before it closes. It is under the “Total Rewards” umbrella which also includes Atlantic City hotels Caesar’s, Bally’s and Harrah’s.

My friends get good comps from Total Rewards so that made the trip cheaper!

I’ve been there twice now and it really is a “mini Vegas” with a beach.

You can walk one end of the Boardwalk to the other in about an hour if you are really moving – so I got morning walks in to try and work off some of the extra food and drink we consumed.

It is a really nice walk if you go early enough and not too crowded if you go before 9am.

So, if you like to gamble there are plenty of Casinos to choose from – I won’t name them all.

Most Boardwalk hotels have huge casinos and pools if you want to take a swim.

These hotels are massive and can be intimidating to some at first, but once you know the lay of the land you are usually OK.

The Boardwalk itself is truly something to behold and is a really cool experience to walk on.

As you walk, there are casinos everywhere along, shops to buy gifts in and bigger shopping venues like the Pier at Caesars which has something for everyone. At the Steel Pier there is a carnival that is open seasonally.

You could really spend a day wandering the Boardwalk your first time there is so much to see and do.

We have a favourite restaurant – Bill’s Gyros, fav. bar – Bally’s Wild West Mountain Bar, fav buffet – Showboat’s is $20 and a great selection. Maybe if you have been you have some different choices? Feel free to comment.

As I am typing this I went back to check flight prices in late August – still about $125 to get there round trip from Detroit! Amazing price on Spirit.

People bash Spirit, we know – but it’s a 80 minute flight – so if customer service isn’t perfect or your seat is kinda small – put up with it.

So ya, you can go here for a guys trip away or a girls trip away and have a blast.

But as I walking one morning I thought I would make an effort to notice families and things to do for kids – plenty!

You could keep it simple and do beach morning and pool afternoon with a walk along the boardwalk in there somewhere.

You have the Steel Pier Amusement Park, and a great put-put right on the Boardwalk.

For our family the beach/pool combo usually is good for a few days so the extra attractions are just bonus. There were plenty of families there as well.

You can also rent bikes to check out the Boardwalk, but not past 10am as it gets very busy.

You don’t have to stay on the Boardwalk, but when you go out front of the hotels you get into residential areas right away- which is OK but not as fun or probably not quite as safe.

I wouldn’t go for a week, but a 2-4 day trip is a great option for anyone – single, group of guys/girls or a family trip.

Please feel free to add any comments!

We did a quick video from the Steel Pier as well at night.

These 2 pics are from the walkway from Caesars to the Pier Shops at Ceasars.



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  1. evathompson says :

    I know you enjoyed this trip, it’s great you could share your experience with words, pics, and video.

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