What will $600 in travel get you this summer? PART 3 – DENVER for $120!

So, we have been telling you for half a year now that one Amex card – the Amex Gold Rewards card will give you 25,000 MR points, your partner 25,000 MR points and you get 10,000 more MR points for referring them. Total MR points is 35,000 ($350 in travel) for you and 25,000 ($250 in travel) for them. See our Amex page on this and our Worst case Scenario page. It’s easy and free your first year – if you end up cancelling your card before the year is up you will not have paid a dime – other than paying off your monthly bill!

The purpose of these next few posts is to see what that free money can do for you this summer.

Now bear in mind from the time you apply for the card, get the card, refer your partner, get your points, and they get their points it could take as little as 2-3 weeks if you both spend the $500 on the card right away – or longer – but this will assume you can use this travel by the end of July. You just book it on your Amex card and use their Trip Flex option.

So, we did a whole Detroit Summer Series on cheap flights out of Detroit so I’m going back to check if those great prices are still available.

Check out some of those posts – some really great prices out there!

You know what? If you want to go somewhere the last week of August – not everyone’s first choice I know – it is sooo cheap!

Detroit – DENVER Mon Aug 25 – Thur Aug 28 (3 nights) – $211 on Spirit pp.

2 flights  = $422 US – use up your 35,000 ($350 CDN) and you might owe $120

You still have your partner’s $250 credit.

There are many hotels that you can get for about $250 CDN for the 3 nights.

Check Google Hotel Finder, Trivago, whatever.

Since I don’t know Denver I thought I would list a few hotels that got a rating of 80 or better out of 100.

Quality Inn and Suites, Denver – $249 CDN

TownPlace Suites Denver – $255 CDN

There are a few with an 80+ rating for about $100 CDN per night.

Point is that the $250 credit will get you 3 nights in a decent hotel – for free!

So there is option #3 – Denver for 3 nights including flights – cost a couple about $120 total.

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