Sick of high gas prices? Reward yourself once a year with a treat!

I was curious as I was filling my tank today – how much does the average Canadian spend on gas per year?

Well, did a study based on the price being $1.23/L and found the number was $1942 per year. I don’t think prices are going much lower, so let’s use a ballpark figure of $2000 per year per person.

That’s about $40 a week – sound about right? Of course depending on your personal circumstances that number could be way higher or lower.

You can do something with that spending – turn it into free hotel stays, a free flight, or if you are still loving the Canadian tire Mastercard (WHY?) you can pick up some free kleenex now and then.

So…what credit card to use for this spending?

My first choice is actually a card we have no connection to at all – RBC Rewards Visa Gold – no fee and you earn 1 RBC point for every $2 spent. Actually, I like the Visa Infinite Avion Card better – it’s $120 fee is worth it considering the 15,000 RBC points they welcome you with. Every dollar spend earns 1 RBC point.

Then, you get an Esso Extra account, and get gas as much as possible at Esso.

Here is what I do. Say I spend $50 at Esso on my Infinite Visa and swipe my Esso Extra card (I use Speedpass which does both) I get 50 RBC points + 50 Esso points which equals 30 RBC points. That is 80 RBC points on purchase. But wait, twice a year RBC offer a 50% bonus on RBC points converted to BA Avios. I wait for that and end up with 120 Avios on that original $50 purchase – or my purchase price of gas times 2.4 = how many Avios I end up with.

For a couple spending 4000 a year on gas that is 4000 x 2.4 = 9600 Avios -enough for a short haul round trip flight somewhere – awesome!

My second choice is using the Amex Gold Rewards Card we talk about on our Amex page.

This just gives you 2  MR points per dollar spent on gas. So that $50 gets you 100 MR points.

Same couple spending $4000 a year get 8000 MR points – almost enough for a short haul round trip (you need 9000MR) – you could also use Trip Flex option and have $80 towards travel – but I like the fact you are close to a free flight. When you sign up for the card you get a 25,000 MR bonus anyway!




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