15x Bonus Aeroplan points on till July15!

In the month of May this year, had a great promo and it’s back!

When you shop at you earn 15 Aeroplan points per dollar spent on your first purchase!

As these points can be valued at 2 cents each by some people (including me) that is like getting 30% of your purchase back in travel dollars.

You can even get giftcards if you aren’t sure what you want  – they get the 15x bonus as well.

So, if you converted your Aeroplan points to Avios like I showed in a previous post, you could pick up a $600 giftcard at, get 9000 Aeroplan, convert them to Avios and you have enough for 1 short haul round trip flight on AA or US Air.

You can also keep collecting Aeroplan – this is a great start to an Aeroplan short haul flight for 15,000 points.

We did a previous post on this topic in May – here is the link.

Either way, this is a great way to collect Aeroplan points and the site has many different shop categories.



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