Summer Notes

Well, as a teacher I get to experience about 2 months off starting right about now. As I do many of my posts after school, the posts will become less frequent for a couple of months.

I wanted to leave a couple of notes for summer travel that may benefit you.

1. When booking hotels/cars/flights, etc if you haven’t already – get Aeroplan points when you do. We did a post on this a couple of months ago and it can get you enough points for a FREE FLIGHT! No kidding.

There is an example there where if you book a car with Hertz and stay at a Best Western for a couple of days you earn enough Aeroplan points for a free flight – pretty cool.

2. When you get a second, read some of our pages or older posts. Carolyn has Expedia cruises year-round at very good prices and Big Rick finds all-inclusives for travel in the fall/winter. We did a whole series on summer flights out of Detroit for great prices – Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City to name a few.

3. Sign up for Points programs like Aeroplan and BA Avios – it’s free and we have a page devoted to each of them.

4. Many of my co-workers have grabbed an Amex card the last few months and we thank you for supporting us. A few are still asking, “What’s that one card that just gives you $250 in travel for free”

Well, we outline a strategy on our Worst Case Scenario page that shows you exactly how to do that. Really, $250 in travel for one person, $600 in travel for a couple. No fee.

Have a great summer!

Jay, Big Rick and Carolyn.

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