Detroit Summer Series – Washington, DC

To continue our series on summer flights out of Detroit, today we picked Washington, DC.

It seems like a cool place to visit, and from what I’m told there is plenty to do there for families as well as the obvious monuments to check out.

I’m learning a few things from researching these flights – one thing is flying near the end of August is very cheap and another is that it is pretty inexpensive to fly to the East Coast from Detroit – Spirit has a number of flights under $200 to Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach, etc.

So, as usual prices near the end of August are pretty fair. $207 for late August seems pretty reasonable ON DELTA – Mid July you can get some for around $250 if you would rather travel then.



Check out around Sept 10 or so – $84 round trip!!! CrAzY! FRONTIER!

But you should always check out other options, so after checking Expedia and the rest, then Southwest, I couldn’t find anything better this time.

That $84 flight in early September is very tempting.

For any of our Canadian readers living in the Detroit area – as a couple you could pick up one new Amex Gold each (one refer the other) that would give you $350 + $250 in free travel = $600.

You could…fly there ($200) and have $400 left for hotels, car rental, etc. Basically, a free weekend in Washington DC!

Check out those late August/early September flights – some amazing deals out there!


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