A MUST READ for those new to this!!! Spend 2 minutes and read it.

As I was reading blogs and Twitter feeds yesterday to keep us current, I came across a great little article at Frugal Travel Guy that explains why getting these credit cards for travel is a very wise decision for those that like to travel.

The link is here, but I’ll go over the points quickly. (It’s also on the side of our page with the Twitter feed)

The article is American but the points hold up – I wish the people I know would give it 2 minutes – it really opens your eyes on how to travel for free.

1. Unethical – That one made me laugh – the companies want our business!

2. It will ruin your credit – wrong – just use common sense.

3. Keeping a certain high credit score means something. Seriously, if you aren’t taking these freebies to keep your credit score perfect, you should start taking the free money.

4. The Rewards aren’t worth it. I am a math person. Sooooooo worth it.

5. It’s too complicated. This is the one I hear the most, and is partially true. She says start a spreadsheet, which I have done. But another way to look at it is this: If, between you and your partner or just yourself you have a couple of thousand dollars worth of travel dollars for just signing up for 1-2 credit cards WITH NO FEE – Why wouldn’t you spend a couple of hours learning this hobby?

You could always just email us if you have all those free points – we can try to help you out as well. Email is on main page.

Her article is great and you should spend the time and give it a read. She also writes for Club Thrifty.


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