Cash or Points?

Well, I actually found a reason to pay cash for a flight – because it was incredibly cheap. Part of our summer series on Detroit flights included Atlantic City.

Myself, Big Rick and The Grey Ghost have traveled before but we haven’t been to AC together before. I like to get out with the boys for a trip now and then and this is a good “guys” trip place.

We have all been to Vegas together and we have all been to AC in the last 2 years, but not together.

So, for a trip like this I could easily go for free with my different points. SEE AMEX PAGE ON HOW TO GO PLACES FREE. LOL! But seriously you can travel free.

But the flight was $110. Round trip. To Atlantic City from Detroit. Seriously. It’s still there – check Spirit Air.

Now, I could use my Aeroplan and fly to Philadelphia, use my MR points to rent a car for the hour drive, and use my Starwood points to stay in any of the Caesar’s properties.

What would that cost me in points?

Avios – 9000 points

MR points – about $150-200 to rent a car for 4 days or say 20,000 MR points.

Starwood points – about 30,000 points to stay in the least expensive property for 3 nights.

That is many points to “burn” for this trip. Now, the experts in this “field” say earn and burn – I am not an expert by the way – I do know enough about this though. Those points to me can be worth anywhere from 1.5 cents each to over 4 cents each. I am going to use a flat 2 cents per point to show you how many points, in dollars I would use up for this trip.

Avios – $180 + MR points $200 + Starwood $600 = $980

Now, some of those costs could be split if we split the costs for the car and I split a room with someone, but it’s still using up the points.

In this case, because of my good eye looking for flight deals and my friends good “reputation” in the Casino ie. comps, the trip will cost all of us the same. $110 for the flight – rooms comped – no rental car needed.

Now, yes I have to split a room, but in this case I’ll save the points for a family trip.

Anyone have any tips on Atlantic City?






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