Detroit summer flight series – L.A. from $286!!!

Well we featured NYC in a post, so we should show some love to the other team in the Stanley Cup Finals – LA!

We are basing these prices on a 3 day stay by the way. Again, I love Google flights and it’s bar chart at the bottom.

But, it doesn’t cover everything so I checked Expedia and the airline websites as well.  Southwest came close but Google flights nailed it again.

Again, end of the summer visits are the cheapest with a couple combinations coming in under $300 round trip.

Most of July and early August are around $450-$500, but starting mid-late August the prices really start to come down!

In fact I found a Aug 23 – 26 for $286 on AA! A few other late Aug combos like that as well.

Check out the bar graph – love it!


One thing I am learning from this process is if you don’t mind traveling at the end of the summer, you can save alot of money on airfare – and if you are paying for multiple airfares, this is very important!

Again though, check our Amex, Avios and Aeroplan pages on how you can fly for free!



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