You Need to Read this – Incredible Florida Getaways for $240

Big Rick and I were out Saturday night and we found an old high school buddy that was very much interested in traveling for free – aren’t we all?

In my conversations since last year about this, most families I know say they can’t afford a trip South for Christmas or March break – flights and hotels just too much – yes they are when you pay full price – DON’T!!!

Here is what I am saying – try this strategy once – it will work – and you will be convinced this is the way to travel.

But please, whatever you do, if you are not good with cash and paying credit card bills on time – STOP READING – you should not be getting more credit.

Why do we love AMEX so much? Because they are “giving” you free vacations – really they are.  You need to ask yourself, “Do I want a free vacation, or do I like a) my free $60 in groceries at Superstore twice a year or b) my free $60 purchase at Canadian Tire twice a year?”

I am a numbers persons and the numbers don’t lie – this strategy works – here we go.

We will get referral points from this, so if you would rather not support us, go right to the Amex website for these cards.

This will get you 4 round trip flights to Florida and 5 nights at a Sheraton on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale.

1. Get the Amex Gold Rewards Card  – 25,000 points

2. Refer your partner to that same card once you have had it a few weeks. – you get 10,000 more points, they get 25,000 points.

3. Both of you get a British Airways Executive Account so you can fly AA or US Air for free using AVIOS.

4. Get a family account with British Airways so to pool your points – both of you convert your points to Avios – you now have 60,000 Avios.

You now have enough points (60,000) to fly a family of 4 to Florida for about $5 each. Yep, 5 bucks. Now this is out of Cleveland – so you might have to drive 2 hours past Detroit, but are you OK with free flights? If you spend enough on the cards you could have enough points to fly out of Detroit (72,000) – your call there.

Total cost so far – THIS CARD IS FREE FIRST YEAR! That is what I have been saying for months – FREE!


5. Get the AMEX Starwood Preferred Card – 10,000 Starpoints

6. Refer your partner to that same card once you have had it a few weeks. – you get 5,000 more points, they get 10,000 points.

7. You need to spend about $3000 total on both to get a total of 28,000 Starpoints – should be easy enough after a few months – gas, groceries, utilities, eating out, etc.

8. Book 5 nights at the hotel. Check the link we gave for the hotel. (5th night free – awesome right?)


That card does have an annual fee of $120 each, so ya this will cost you $240…oh ya and the $20 in tax on the flights.

Unbelievable right?

Obviously these points can get you different hotels and different flights – this is just one example of where AMEX can take you.







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