Summer flights to NYC

Ok, so I’m thinking we have done our summer flight series to four places now, I want to find the cheapest way to go to NYC using points OR cash this summer from TORONTO OR DETROIT.

Now there are going to be many different options as far as when to fly, how many days etc, so I’ll try to keep the flight prices at an average that seems to represent the summer prices.

I used Expedia and Google flights and those combined did a great job.

Toronto – NYC – cheapest flights were about $360(US Air) and hard to find a good combo – there are a few cheaper, but hard to find

Detroit – NYC – a few from about $240(Jet Blue, Spirit, Southwest) but most mid-summer flights were around $300+  Start and end of summer were cheaper

Toronto – NYC –  AEROPLAN – 15,000 Aeroplan + $180

Toronto – NYC – AVIOS – 9000 Avios + $97

Detroit – NYC – AEROPLAN – 25,000 Aeroplan + $28

Detroit – NYC – AVIOS – 9000 Avios + $5.00

So, as you can see, if you collect British Airways Avios, you are always going to find great redemptions and great deals!

This is alot like our Vegas page in that the best redemptions when you include taxes are Avios flights out of Detroit.

The Amex Gold Rewards Card gives you 25,000 MR points when you sign up and spend $500 – if you spend about $2000 on it you would have the 27,000 MR points = 27,000 Avios = 3 free flight to NYC from Detroit ($15 in taxes)

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Being a Canadian near a border I get to take advantage of the lower taxes flying out of Detroit – Toronto people should look at flights here or out of Buffalo.

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