100,000 Aeroplan converted to Avios!

Well, it all went through. In a previous post from April, I showed you how to convert Aeroplan miles to Avios.

Creditwalk.ca in particular had me convinced it was a prudent move, so I did it.

In a nutshell here it is: 100,000 Aeroplan converts to 113850 Esso Extra converts to 68100 RBC converts to 102,150 Avios – DURING THE BONUS PERIOD ONGOING TILL JUNE 30.

It was all the Aeroplan points I had – and yes I’m happy I did it.

People may say in general Aeroplan points might be worth more than Avios, so that was a bad move, but NOT FOR MY SITUATION!

Don’t get me wrong – I love collecting Aeroplan in the many different ways I have been documenting the last few months – renting cars, booking hotels, shopping online – last couple days to get 15x Aeroplan points at shop.ca!

But now that I can convert my points to Avios, Aeroplan collecting means more to me.

Check out our Amex, Avios and Aeroplan pages – there are free flights out there people – just do a little research!




2 responses to “100,000 Aeroplan converted to Avios!”

  1. The Pointster says :

    Al (The Pointster) from CreditWalk here. Thanks for the love.

    I thought I would just throw out the the instructions I wrote up on this for AAdvantage last year. Just apply the same thinking to the RBC Rewards -> Avios Bonus that is going on until June 2014.


    Good luck.

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