Detroit Summer flights – Boston from $152!

Continuing our series on Detroit summer flights, today is Boston, MA.

UPDATE!!! I found a few combinations of days that has that flight as low as $152. I triple checked that price on Jet Blue, Expedia and Google flights.

One example is July 2 – July 9 – there are more if you look.


Two people asked me this week, “OK sure we can get there, but what about staying?”

Yes, what about staying? Well we have done many posts on how you should get a hotel branded credit card or two so you always have options when you are out of town.

Starwood Properties, IHG, Choice Hotels, the list goes on.

But we are talking flights here.

goldcard ad

I used Google flights this time and I liked what I saw.

Here is a picture of what they show you – awesome!




That bar chart is very interesting, but the info. to take from it is a 3 day trip from Thur Aug 21 – Sun Aug 24 will cost you $201 in airfare with a stop.

(US Air/American Air)

I checked Spirit and they were way higher, and Southwest was close but they came in at about $244 at lowest.

Just as a side note, September flights are as low as $177 round trip!

That bar chart is great!

So, if you want to see the Jays sweep Boston again at Fenway, there you go!




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