Detroit Summer Flights – VEGAS – Spirit Air

Continuing on with our series on Detroit summer flights, today we talk Vegas!

Now, we have a whole page devoted to Vegas and how to get there for free, but this post will be on flights from Detroit to Vegas.

Just so you know, you can get the card below and have enough points for a free flight to Vegas! If you ever have any questions on that, send me an email – but if you see our Vegas page, that tells you how.




It seems flights on Saturdays in July are $119 if you are in the $9 club (which is worth it if you are paying for more than 1 flight on Spirit in the next year) There are actually a couple of Tuesday in late August that are $109!!! Quite reasonable.

The other days of the week are $15 to $60 more – remember these prices change alot, but for the most part they stay the same.




Tuesday and Wednesday July returns are mostly $134. For some reason, a July 16 return is only $109.

Tuesday and Wednesday in August are only $109!!!

So, a cheap flight to Vegas would be Tues Aug 19 to Tues Aug 26 for $109 + $109 = $218.00

That seems to be the cheapest combo – $109 + $109 – if you come close to that you are doing well.



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