No kids? You and your partner wanna fly free once a month for the next 10 months?

Today a co-worker came up to me and said, “Well I got that Gold Rewards Card, what’s stopping me from getting more free flights?”

Nothing. He said he read the different pages we have and said it is actually quite easy to get many free flights.  He is married with no kids and is totally taking advantage of these deals while he can. Bravo. Do it too if you can.

In fact, here is a way to get about 10 free flights each.

Well… sorry that’s going to actually cost you $120.00 each. total. for 10 flights each. yes you read that correctly.

I have co-workers always asking me how to do this – “We have no kids, we just want to get away for the weekend”

Now, you don’t have to go once a month for the next 10 months – but I think that would be cool – you just have 10 flights each.

Again, I am just giving you the facts, you don’t need to get referred by us – but we appreciate it.

This is all based on getting about 180,000 Avios between you and flying short haul flights on American Air or US Air through British Airways.

Examples of this from our area:(Detroit)

Detroit – Philadelphia, Washington,DC, New York City, Charlotte, NC and Chicago to name a few.

See our Avios page on how many miles a short haul flight is – but it’s a decent distance!

My co-workers also tell me that I go into too much detail with these explanations, but I’d rather that than too vague.

2 programs to sign up for first – British Airways Executive Club – (Avios) and Aeroplan. (see our pages on that)

Step 1 – you both get the RBC Infinite Avion Card  – that will get you 15,000 RBC points right away – this is the only card with an annual fee.

Step 2 – you get the Amex AeroPlan Plus Goldcard – if you get referred by us or anyone that gets you 30,000 Aeroplan points after spending $500 on it in 3 months.

Step 3 – you refer your partner to that same card. You get another 10,000 Aeroplan for referring, and they get 30,000 Aeroplan after spending the $500.

Now, you should do these steps fairly quickly and the reason is this: there is currently a bonus of 50% more Avios on RBC points converted till the end of June, 2014. Now you may be out of time by the time you read this, or not. But the good thing is they do these bonuses usually twice a calendar year and this is the first one. So if you get all these points and you find yourself in July, don’t fret another bonus will come!

But wait, I have RBC points and Aeroplan! Yes, but you can convert your Aeroplan to Avios in a procedure we outlined previously. So ultimately we are converting our 70,000 total Aeroplan to about 70,000 Avios. (Iittle more actually)

Step 4 – you get the Amex Gold Rewards Card. If you get referred by us or someone else that gets you 25,000 MR points after spending $500 on it in 3 months.

Step 5 – refer your partner to that same card. you get another 10,000 MR points for referring and they get 25,000 MR points after spending the $500.

So, ya…you have to get 3 cards each…for a total of $120 each…and ya, this will get you about 10 flights each.

Your combined 30,000 RBC points will convert to 45,000 Avios when you do it in the bonus period.

Your combined 70,000 Aeroplan will convert to a little more than 70,000 Avios when you do it in the bonus period.

Your combined 60,000 MR points will convert to 60,000 Avios any time you want – not needed to do in bonus period.

Total Avios = 175,000 bonus plus about…say $5000 spent on those cards, which gives you a rough total of about 180,000 Avios.

Again, the last card doesn’t have to be done right away – those points are exchanged straight up.

Those flights I mentioned at the start – 9000 Avios total round trip plus about $5.00 in taxes. seriously. 5 bucks.

180,000 Avios divided by 9000 Avios per trip equals 20 trips.

Yes, I know it’s 3 credit cards, I wrote this thing! Obviously you can get less flights for less cards you can do the math.

But it’s true and can be done!

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