Detroit to Myrtle Beach – SPIRIT AIR – $114!!!

To continue our series on summer flights out of Detroit, today we are going with Myrtle Beach.

As stated previously, I believe you should be flying free by now, but here are some deals if your not.

Spirit Air – again I will post 9$ fare prices – probably worth it if you are paying for more than 1 person.

Detroit – Myrtle Beach

Tues/Wed in July/August – most departs are $57 – couple are more, but mostly $57

If you depart any other days, it can be $10-$40 more except for some weekends.




Depending on what day you come back, your return flight can also be as cheap as $57, with many flights at $67 and $97!


Again as stated previously, checked bags will cost you if you need to check a bag, but another great location to fly to from Detroit that is on the beach and at a very affordable price.

If you know of a deal for summer travel out of Detroit or Toronto, post it please!

Get that Amex below and get a $250 travel credit – that’s 2 of those flights for free!!! No fee first year!

goldcard ad




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