Detroit Summer Flights – Atlantic City – SPIRIT AIR

Alright, this will kickoff a series on flights out of Detroit this summer to different destinations.

We are in the Detroit area, but if our Toronto area readers want to chip in any deals out of there, please feel free.

Again, I have gone through how you get free flights – see our Avios, Aeroplan and Amex pages on that – and yes you can fly free here in Canada – you just need to do a little research and pick up a new card here and there – but Superstore is giving away $20 in groceries so that’s tempting too. Just kidding, it’s a horrible sign up bonus.

So anyway, back to flight DEALS.

SPIRIT AIRLINES (for these I will put membership in $9 fare club prices – worth it if you are paying for more than 1 person, cost is $60 for a year)

Detroit – Atlantic City


July 1, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30, all Tues/ Wed in August  – $51

If you depart on any other days it can be $10 – $40 more, but that’s a very good price still.


We took this flight a couple of summers ago, and it was a nice, quick flight and we got to our hotel by 10:30 am.



July 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30, all Tues/Wed in August – $51

Same as above, if you return other days it can be $10-$40 more, except Sunday which are more expensive.


So, even if you don’t want in the $9 club, the flights are $71 each which is $40 more round trip – so you might as well bite the bullet and get that membership for $60 – if you are paying for a few flights you will save more money. If you are going with friends you can split that $60 charge amongst you as well.

Atlantic City can be called a “mini Vegas”, but it has it’s own appeal as well. It has a beautiful boardwalk you can check out and it is right on the beach. There are plenty of sites out there you can check out for things to do in AC.

For us, getting a round trip flight to a cool city on the beach for around $100 seems like a pretty great deal – especially in the summer!

They do charge for checked bags, but if you are only going for a couple days, maybe you might not need a full suitcase?

Of course, these prices change all the time, but we have found Spirit prices to be fairly consistent on these flights.

Also, the airport is about a 20 minute drive to the main hotels on the boardwalk – we split a cab ride for $30 two years ago to get there.

Please feel free to add any info you find!






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