Sick of Air Miles?

That’s all I hear lately when I’m talking about points and credit cards – “they are about to expire” or  “they are too hard to redeem” or “the taxes are too high”

Yes, Air Miles are not the best to collect, but some people still approach me and say “You do that Air Miles stuff, right?”

People, you really should read our pages on Avios, Amex and the others to get an idea of the freebies these credit cards companies (AMEX) give out!

But today I am just going to mention an article at that goes into why the other cards out there are so much better for a return than the Air Miles cards.

I posted a couple of comments at the end regarding the AMEX referral bonus, and we will see if there is a response – my spelling and grammar need a little work for sure.

But the article is well researched and timely – I hear that line all the time – ” I am sick of AirMiles!”

When I got into this over 2 years ago, that was also my concern – Air Miles seemed almost useless – well give this a read!

We love the versatility and redemption options with Aeroplan.


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