The Best Bonus out there.

People, we have been talking about American Express since we went live in December and still find it hard to believe they give away such a huge bonus to people to try their cards.

It blows away, in our opinion, most other offers out there currently.

If you have a history of late payments or are not prudent about paying off your credit card debt each month, don’t get more credit!

You have to

read this to truly see what they are giving you.

We are going to talk about the Amex AeroplanPlus Goldcard.

We won’t include an ad or a picture of it, just click the above link if you want to know more or simply go to our Amex page.

It is truly incredible when you think about it. You spend a measly $500 on their card and they give you roughly $600 in travel – when referred.

There is NO FEE on this card the first year you have it.

Now, you should keep the card awhile, but some people I know get the card, spend the money, get the bonus and cancel.

Well, that works too, but I love Amex so I keep mine.

Aeroplan points are very easy to accumulate here in Canada and there are ways (see my previous posts) to get free flights just by booking a hotel and renting a car.

But a 30,000 point bonus to get a card is really something.(In Canada anyway)

You don’t need perfect credit, don’t need to make huge money, don’t need to spend alot of money and this isn’t “too good to be true.”

It’s a promotion put on by a corporation to try and get you to use their product. Take the gift.

So…what to do with 30,000 Aeroplan?

1. Donate them to a worthy cause/charity

Earth Day, Engineers without borders, MusiCounts, Schools without borders, Vets without borders, free the Children – the list goes on!

Remember, you are getting 30,000 Aeroplan!!!

If you want to do some good for free, this is one way!


2. Put no thought into it and just get giftcards. For about 6500 points you can get assorted retail $50 giftcards. (click the link)

That’s $200 – $250 in free giftcards!

Esso – over $200 in gas

Sobeys – over $200 in groceries

Home Hardware – over $200 in product

Costco, Amex, Rexall – the list goes on!


3. Fly with Air Canada – that’s 2 short haul flights paid for – you just pay the taxes!

Here is the link for checking short haul/long haul award prices.

Now, 25,000 points(long haul) will fly you anywhere in the continental US and Canada on Aeroplan – just pay the taxes


4. Convert them to Avios (see prior post on this) You will get about a 1:1 on the conversion so now you have about 30,000 Avios.

With that 30,000 Avios, did you know you can fly 3 people, round trip from Detroit to places like New York City, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA or Charlotte, NC for about $5 each in taxes?


No catch, not too good to be true, just THE FACTS.

You should try it once, it works.



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