Easy way to get a free flight. Shop.ca.

Ya, we talk about free flights all the time through Amex, and it’s totally true. It works.


But if you don’t want to get a credit card and you are not renting a car or booking a hotel to get points – here is a way!

15x the Aeroplan points at shop.ca till May 16 on first purchase.

They are advertising this on their page right now till May 16, so if you don’t believe us, check it out!

Now, they are saying spend $1000.00 and get a flight – well it’s actually less money than that.

They say that because 15000 Aeroplan will get you a short haul flight with Air Canada, no question.

We have been talking about converting your Aeroplan to Avios the last 2 weeks, so if you need to know how- read this previous post.

So, you really need about 9000 Aeroplan to fly some short haul flights from our home airport, Detroit, to places like New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Charlotte, NC – plus $5.00!

What do you need to spend to do this?

Well, if you sign up and don’t have Aeroplan Distinction or an Aeroplan earning credit card you will get 15x the points. – That means you need to spend $600.00 before taxes to get a free flight to these places.

If you have “Distinction” through Aeroplan you get 16x points which means you need to spend $563.

If you have Distinction and an Aeroplan earning credit card you end up with 17x points! Spend $530.

So I was looking on their site for stuff and saw some great things I will definitely purchase, but maybe not all at once.

But wait, do I have too? Well I emailed them and GIFTCARDS COUNT TOWARDS THE BONUS.

So, even though I am spending say about $530 on giftcards (free flight for me), I don’t need to use it all at once.

As I type this a co-worker is saying “then you are spending money for the sake of spending money”

Well, yes and no. Yes, you are spending money, but not “for the sake of spending money”

If you know you are going to be buying a certain amount online in the next little while, say ANYTHING, since they sell EVERYTHING, get that giftcard and use it over time. One negative is if you can’t afford that giftcard, or if you will pay interest on that giftcard purchase, then your interest charges somewhat offset the free flight.

9000 Aeroplan is roughly worth about $180, so you can figure out if it is worth it.




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